Villa – La Noue / île de Ré
Atlantic Coast - France

The priviledge
of living
by the ocean

Delivery : 2008


An intense mix
of strong and pure emotions
on a island protected in its natural state

This “holiday home” is ideally situated in 8000 m 2 of grounds, bordering the beach. It is built in accordance with the strict regulations of the Ile de Ré, while offering high end comfort and technical services.

Looking out over the ocean, the light and the weather are the essential elements which play on moods and desires...

Breathe in and feel good...

Inspired by the sea, in the spirit of The Hamptons
The salt sea spray, the smell of the warm sand, the glorious sun, local colours….these elements are interwoven harmoniously into the interior decor….

True marine style
can be felt in the weathered materials, driftwood, untreated wood….
... Even the colour of the linen evokes memories of rigging from old sailing boats.

Think of the sparkling ocean,
Watch the sun’s reflection dance on the lightshades, decorations and glistening materials like Corian... and you understand that every detail has been painstakingly chosen…
...The artisan creator of the delicate mosaics that can be seen in the bathrooms has even incorporated Mother of Pearl from local oysters

An invitation to travel...
Furbished with elegance, the five bedrooms are decorated with reclaimed objects, fabric or old furniture, and antiques. A subtle mix of classic and contemporary.

They can hold their head up high in comparison with the best hotel rooms. Designed to warmly welcome family and friends, with private bathrooms and individual access, they offer itimacy and independence.

... Desire to settle down here, away from it all...

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