Jérôme Verdier

« Relish in a challenge and hard work,
perseverance and passion :
a legacy taken on with pride ! »

Agathe and Charlotte
Jérôme Verdier’s daughters

A state of mind

It makes daily life more exhilarating and lively
It encourages us to be more daring, more effective and more demanding
It can be shared and creates common emotions
It can be transmitted


Make your dreams come true
share your passion
and your ambitions

Exceptional real estate.
An adventure into heritage,
an obvious direction.

For 20 years,
projects linked to real estate have followed on one after the other,
with one common signature, the style and soul of Jérôme Verdier.

After starting his career in the development of estate agencies JÉROME VERDIER steered towards the senior market and created the group ORGANIS, the establishments of which are known for their warmth and elegance. In 2005, Jérome VERDIER gave up this group and threw himself into a new challenge, ultra-luxurious real estate associated with 5* service which he has developed under the brand SENSORIEL and Hotellerie Privée. Being a pioneer in the field and a perfectionist down to the smallest detail, this new activity rapidly became a real success, answering to a demand for those wishing to spend their holidays in exclusive locations benefiting from high end services. The areas given priority in France are Megève, Saint-Tropez and the Ile de Ré. INFINEST IMMOBILIER has since been recognised due to its ability to combine elegance and technical skill in even the smallest details, but also its expertise, guaranteeing a creation of value.

Jérôme Verdier
is also ...

Fleur Cognac

by Fine & Spirits

Firstly, aimed at a select clientele from l’Hôtellerie Privée®, Fine&Spirits has developed a package to favourise and attract a modern clientele in the world of spirits. The concept has won many awards such as the «San Francisco World Spirit» and the «Pentawards» which has allowed us to develop an export business thanks to our partners. We foresee a widening of the range, with other spirits, using the same concept (de recharge) and modern products, with authentic flavours evoking tastes from our childhoods. Quality is still the key word.

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Dare to be passionate
and go to the limit
of your ambitions

Haras des Sens

Haras embodies the soul of the projet, it offers a modern stables structure in magnificent surroundings.
The horse is master, nature is repected with the unparalleled charm of numerous varieties of trees. The colours lend a special softness and refinement. This structure also allows us to create the future, with genetics and breeding as well as the training of young horses, thus making the activity a profitable one.


Sens Ô Riel Stables - Maïju Mallat

Creation of high quality stables, with experience in motorsport from a few years ago, I believe that the values of this discipline are essential in life : hard work, patience and perseverance.
The horse is an animal in a class of its own, it reads our thoughts, and has the incredible capacity to surpass itself to share the emotion of a victory.
There is no greater adventure, more beautiful feeling, where family, friends and partners share a unique moment.

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